Chemical and Physical Testing

Castings produced at Decco must meet rigorous industry standards. Certifications for material compliance of strength and chemistry are delivered with every certification package provided to our customers. Material strengths and chemistry content changes depend on the alloy requirements and specifications that are dictated by the blueprint. Decco’s in-house capability of testing to the many variations with our Angstrom Chemistry Tester and our United Tensile Test machines means product conformance certification with each shipment. The lab is a NADCAP approved facility.

Each alloy that we produce is tested to specification requirements for eleven elements including silicone, magnesium, titanium and other trace elements. Heat treat verification is performed on every lot to test for ultimate, yield and elongation properties. Decco buys aluminum only in it’s prime ingot condition so metal consistency is always spot on. Metal melting practices are controlled by strict internal standards which require all melts to be de-gassed and chemically tested prior to pouring. Hydrogen tests are performed on each melt to ensure porosity free metal to the molds.

The strength and integrity of our product is assured by our continued compliance to our own high standards that we have developed over the 40 years we’ve been in business. The ability to test for these features is paramount for success in this industry.