The dimensional conformity of our castings to meet every blueprint dimension is of extreme importance for the success of any program in which we are involved. Decco has procedures in place to ensure this conformity. Using our Mitutoyo and Check Master manual CMM’s running QC5000 software on both, we dimensionally check every lot of castings shipped and provide a report. No job is too small for this inspection. Decco commonly performs First Article layouts in AS9102 format or other formats as directed by our customers. Some of our customers require blued and scribed castings with the reports which gives a great visual representation of blueprint conformance. Our adherence to the AS9100 quality system demands that check procedures are in place for accuracy,repeat-ability and reliability.

Our equipment is housed in a separate temperature controlled environment and all devices used for measurement are re-calibrated regularly. Our highly trained operators are considered the best in the industry for inspecting castings. We interface both on-site and here at Decco regularly with our customers when needed and offer technical support when requested. We use key characteristics when provided. Where none exist, we create sampling plans and inspection characteristics based on the most probable variations in the casting process. This includes dimensions across parting lines, core shift potential, deburring error possibilities and other common casting variables. Many critical dimensions are checked in-process per our foundry control procedures.

Our goal and our mission is to supply 100% dimensionally compliant parts every time.

Blued, scribed and targeted permanent mold casting.