Dry Sand

Nearly 25 years ago, our customer’s need for better dimensional stability of complex shapes inspired Decco to introduce the dry sand process into our production methods. We expanded with two dry sand mixer stations – one for the production floor and one for the core room. Our 300 lb and 75 lb per minute mixers work with specially made tooling to provide dimensionally stable castings. Our three part resin bonded sand uses a low odor and special formulation to meet the strict demands of San Diego’s Air Pollution Control District standards.

We incorporate plastic pins and bushings to join the complex cores and molds together. We have a greater ability to place chills where best suited. We are better able to make use of insulated riser sleeves. These dry sand friendly techniques allow us to control the directional solidification of the metal required for integrally perfect parts.

Decco purchases and uses virgin facing sand. For the remainder of the mold fill, we use our own recycled sand. We have recycling machinery to mechanically break down the dried “clumps” so most of the sand is re-used on site.

About half the cores in the shop are made with our Kloster 75 lb mixer – the other half, shell cores.

Complying with the greater demand for dimensionally stable parts requires a greater emphasis on our dry sand process now than ever before. Small runs are easily accommodated with the process. The tooling costs a little more than green sand mold tooling, but there is a longer tool life and ultimately a better product.